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Wi-fi upgrade right on time

News that about £90 million is to be spent on improving internet access on trains, including routes into Leeds and Sheffield is music to my ears.

I have heard many folk complaining about the non-existent, or at best, very intermittent, wifi access on trains in Yorkshire and it is high time that this problem was remedied.

More and more business people spend their commuting times working on their train journeys and lack of mobile phone and internet connection can be costly as well as frustrating.

It is right that the wifi service should be free and in my book the fact that a £53m fine on Network Rail for late trains will partly pay for this makes it all the sweeter.

Jane Collins, UKIP MEP for Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire

Royal benefit

Are people aware the head of the country’s longest-serving unemployed family received a £6 million a year pay rise in her state benefits last year for simply being the Queen?

While pensioners have fuel allowance reduced and the sick and unemployed are picked on for being on benefits, they dare not blame the bankers and financiers .

Is it because they might stop funding the Tory party whose only purpose is to look after the rich.

G Ellison, S18

Fare enough

What is all the fuss about having to pay half fare on the trains using our bus pass? I have travelled three times now and found the half fare very cheap.

Sheffield to Meadowhall was £1.40 return, Sheffield to Rotherham £1.55 return, Sheffield to Mexborough £2.40 return.

If you don’t want to pay, go by bus for free.

A good market to visit is Rotherham indoor market. The only restriction is that you have to travel after 9.30am.

Stop moaning and be satisfied with all the perks we do get as pensioners.

Grateful Pensioner, Name & address supplied

Immigration issues, PMs’ to blame

On The Star Letters Page of June 25, Susan Richardson claims the EU is the reason why we are flooded with immigrants.

Sorry, No 10 Downing Street is to blame.

Before we joined the EU in 1971 under Heath’s Tory Government we had an open- door immigration policy for whatever unknown reasons, so don’t blame the EU. Funny how migrants don’t flood to East Europe who just joined the EU. It keeps wages down and welfare up, good for those who run the capitalist system, who don’t have to live or put up with multi-culturalism .

G Ellison, S18

Public service strikes - Cut pay-outs!

Another day of public sector strikes. On the TV we’ve had a teacher saying she wouldn’t be able to work after 55 because she works hard now.

Ha-ha, most people work hard but don’t have the holidays teachers have and have to work until they’re 65-plus.

Then we have firemen saying they won’t be physically fit enough to work after 55. Fair enough, let them retire and get a pension BUT make sure they don’t work after retirement.

I’ve known postal workers retire, get their payouts then get set back on by the post office. This also applies to council workers. Say what you want but it’s about time the public sector pay-outs were brought into line with the private sector and stop using the public purse as if it was bottomless !

David Mitchell, Sheffield

Sell-off ‘idiotic’error - Mail mistake

There is no way on this planet Vince Cable should have been given the nod to privatise an industry which was close to the country as a public service. He was the man who lost the public £1 billion. Is there any wonder we are being savaged by the coalition? If the country rewards failure they deserve all they get and if Hallam says Clegg is good for them, then heaven help the rest of the country.

Frank Hardy, Sheffield