Letter: How rude

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A couple of days a week I find myself reading The Star to my mother who is blind. Every week I state I am going to write in but never have.

However the article you printed on The X Factor winner Sam has pushed me into this email. Whatever happened to the saying if you can’t find anything good to say about a person then don’t say anything.

Your reporter really was exceptionally rude and there was no need at all for the personal insults she profusely spoke about.

I am not a fan of X Factor, however many are, what gives your reporter the right to insult another human being so profusely in a situation she could not possibly defend or even respond. Each human being has a right to speak but not insult , I feel for Sam’s family this must have been so hard to read? Bad news always gets back.

More people should think before opening their mouths. Surely I am not on my own in this.

While I also write may I suggest that The Star staff actually read their newspaper and realise just how depressing it is to read. How about a happy page alongside the very much improved puzzle page, at least then my mother and I will not feel like slitting our wrist after I have read the star. Yes I know news is news and mainly bad but you have space and the tool to change things.

Catherine Klapsia

by email