Letter: “Ched Evans media frenzy is nothing short of disgraceful”

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The media frenzy surrounding the Ched Evans case is nothing short of disgraceful, but given the unprecedented amount of cheap publicity it has afforded to those who claim to act in the interests of all woman, their desire to keep it in the public eye is not surprising writes Kiveton Blade

May I suggest that a better use of their time and effort would be in the education of young women and the responsibility they have towards themselves when going out on the town.

They must be made aware that their conduct and behaviour might have repercussions they could regret. It is not a very good message to be sending out and indeed trivialises the ordeal of those women who are victims of domestic violence or by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time are victims of violent sexual attack. These woman are deserving of all our sympathy.

I am a staunch supporter of Sheffield United, of Ched Evans and his right to play football again, preferably for the Blades. I am very sceptical of the numbers of people who allegedly have taken part in an on-line petition aimed at preventing him from doing his. I do know of supporters of other clubs who have ‘clicked a mouse’ against him, not once but many times.

These figures are very iffy to say the least.

Ched Evans has served his sentence according to the law and is therefore free to find employment in his chosen profession.

Unlike a plumber, builder, electrician etc there is no hiding place for him. He will face much aggravation from opposition fans but these same fans will soon change their tune if he were to be scoring 20/30 goals a season for their team. Such is the fickleness of football supporters.

I am entirely behind Ched Evans and I sincerely hope that Sheffield United will give him the chance to rebuild his career.

Kiveton Blade

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