Let the litter wardens earn their money

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I found it quite extraordinary that 31 of the 50 litter droppers that you named and shamed were not even from Sheffield.

I also find it strange that I’ve never seen any of these litter wardens issue any fixed penalty notices.

If a warden was to patrol, Fargate, High Street, outside the Bankers Draught and any other pub in town this city would be on par with the clean Irish cities.

I can’t understand why the council allow leaflets to be given out which are just glanced at then dropped on the floor for someone else to clean up.

So I urge the council to get wardens earning their money and fine the litter louts.

I did see something that I have not seen for years on the Moor the other day, a father holding his toddler daughter out to have a wee, because of the disgraceful closing of toilets.

Instead of taking her to a nearby grate he held her just in front of the seating.

Vin Malone