Let Scotland go

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Everywhere I turn at the moment, I see and hear pundits banging on about Scotland.

This Salmond ego-trip is the big bore of 2012 and apparently looks set to carry on until Bannockburn’s 700th anniversary in 2014.

In my view and I guess a bundle of those born in England, yes please, let Scotland go and while we’re at it why not rebuild Hadrian’s Wall?

We are overwhelmed by Scottishness in England: Prime Ministers (this one’s a Cameron) chancellors, ministers, MPs, trade union leaders, football managers and pundits, BBC announcers, presenters and weather forecasters, not forgetting call-centre staff. Subtitles or interpreters would help.

As a nation we are to blame for this, we have imposed ourselves on other nations and our arrogance is second to none.

Most lines on maps where conflicts occur have been, at least in part, drawn by the English.

This has led to understandable resentment but I reckon the Scottish have more than got their own back.

The transfer window is still open so why not send a load of the Scottish mafia back (I refer only to those who impose) maybe on a free transfer, not on loan!

Will the population of Scotland go along with Alex? I doubt it and as they vote on our issues, will we English have a vote too?

If Mr Salmond gets his referendum and he’s nicely tucked up in Balmoral, I hope his chef is ‘gud with fud’ and he’ll have left the stirling zone and be placing his bets with the new Scottish ‘Thistle’.

And no I don’t lay claim to Andy Murray. Win or lose he’s Scottish.

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