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In the Star of Thursday, March 21, David Molloy felt it was NOT appropriate for the council to apologise for racist comments that were inserted in an Early Years report.

Mr Molloy needs to clarify which ‘Asian women only’ groups he is referring to.

As the chairwoman of the BME Network, which strives to promote race equality and fairness in the city, I have yet to come across a single organisation in Sheffield that operates on an ‘Asian only’ or African Carribean only’ or Slovakian only’ basis.

Indeed such groups unless they had good cause, would be challenged on equality grounds.

There is not a single Early Years provider in Sheffield that provides a service for children ONLY from a specific ethnic community.

All member organisations of the BME Network in Sheffield provide an open-door services for all communities but this includes specialist services to specific communities.

So, for example, there are groups that deliver to Asian women who are fleeing domestic violence and provide a culturally appropriate specific service for these vulnerable women to ensure they are supported to leave violent relationships.

Such groups are about ensuring that vulnerable women get the right service that they need to empower themselves to allow them to better integrate.

Mr Molloy, these women will be using the bus, going to town, going to college, speaking with their neighbours and ‘integrating’ in society in the conventional sense of the word.

Rather than looking for communities to blame, we should look be working together to ensure that the needs of all deprived communities are addressed.

I would more than happily meet with you to discuss your concerns.

Please contact the Sheffield BME Network office to arrange a mutually convenient time.

Sheffield BME Network