Let’s unseat the comfy Labour councillors

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Are you sitting comfortably? It appears Sheffield’s Labour councillors are. It’s outrageous that at the same time as voting to cut funding for local libraries it has been revealed that they have splashed out £17,000 on new chairs at an eye-watering cost of £75 each.

It’s part of an £8m office refurbishment of the Moorfoot building, but given Government workers were in the building not too long ago a makeover isn’t needed and shouldn’t be a priority.

Labour councillors have once again made the wrong choice for Sheffield and they can’t get away with blaming anyone else. Instead of spending our money on expensive office furniture and makeovers, they should be investing in keeping our libraries open. Given their ability to waste our money, I would suggest that as many Labour councillors as possible are unseated at the next set of local elections in May.

Harry Matthews