Let’s take notice of Mother Nature’s signs

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It’s time to take our opportunity and embrace sustainable electricity from the wind, sun and tides, while choosing the fracking option seems crazy!

Fracking may cause cancer, contamination of local drinking water and earthquakes. It keeps the UK focused on damaging fossil fuels and goes against commitments to cut CO2 emissions.

Our planet seems to be reacting to the burning of fuel to produce electricity and heat, the huge demand for meat products, a reliance on the car and flying abroad. All these things are OK on some levels but massive amounts of greenhouse gases are produced. Mother Nature is showing mankind the signs that we need to realise what’s important in life: a healthy global environment to prosper in. But rising sea levels, droughts and the increasing ferocity of storms around our planet are occurring.

It’s up to us to simplify and be satisfied with what we are blessed with: an amazing Earth. Let’s listen to Great Britain’s government scientists, who say climate change is almost certainly a result of man-made activities. Let’s take responsibility for our activities, as a nation, for the sake of life in the future. Let’s try to keep our carbon foot-print as small as possible and say NO to fracking.

Even some powerful US politicians have recently been urging mankind to go ‘green’.

These actions may benefit the individual as well as others.

Richard Hewitt