Let’s promote Park Hill flats

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PARK Hill flats continues to cause debate among Sheffield councillors.

They rarely miss an opportunity to blame each other for any perceived woes at this listed building.

The latest bone of contention is spending more than £1 million on security and tenant payments at the flats.

But while they debate how much is being spent and who is funding it, the fact remains that the site must be secure.

Having got to a point where flats are being sold, security is a priority.

So rather than debating the whys and wherefores, our politicians should focus on the positives and try to promote Park Hill.

It is a landmark strucure which is here to stay and Sheffield should try to make the most of it.

This is the way to encourage people to move there and by doing that the flats should become the welcoming homes they deserve to be.

Oil paintings join city culture club

THIS city has many celebrated cultural icons, but oil paintings do not immediately spring to mind.

Maybe they should because, as the feature on these pages details, there are more than 2,400 paintings owned by Sheffield.

They include work by the likes of Lowry, Gauguin and Renoir. And don’t forget local boy-done-good Joe Scarborough.

We know this because for the first time ever, every one has been pulled out of storage, photographed and catalogued.

Now the results have been published and although we may never see them all due to limited exhibition space, the photographs are there for all to see.

It shows a collection which is rich and varied. It reflects our long artistic history and what else would you expect from such a cultured place?

Don’t duck issue

FEEDING the ducks has been a family favourite for as long as we can remember.

But visitors to a Sheffield beauty spot are being asked to avoid this traditional favourite for health and safety reasons.

Bradfield parish council has put up signs at a picnic spot asking people not feed the ducks after a complaint about fouling the area. Uneaten food can also attract vermin.

Who’d have thought such a simple pleasure could get so complex?

Let’s hope a temporary abstinence benefits both the ducks and their surroundings so that normal service can resume.