Let’s join the Freedom Riders

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I must protest at the underhand way the Bus Partnership are trying to sneak through sweeping changes to the Public Transport Network with a “consultation” period during which a high proportion of users are on holiday.

Publicity has been virtually non-existent. Apparently 5,000 copies of the maps were produced for a population of half a million, which means that a maximum of 1% of residents can have sight of one. The website is apparently no better, being described as “as clear as mud”.

From what I can gather, most of it from The Star, almost all services, (except of course the 52 and 120) are to change drastically with regard to route and timetable.

Some buses (eg the 20A) will not run through or into town, but will turn around at Woodseats, where no doubt, shoppers with any sense will catch the X17 to Chesterfield instead.

Some buses (eg the 19 and 20) will run only hourly, stop at 7pm and not run on Sundays. All this when hospitals are trying to introduce seven day working, and most shops are open seven days a week.

What use is such a service to workers, let alone people trying to keep a doctor’s and hospital appointments or going for an evening out?

If the aim of these changes is to encourage car use instead of buses and to kill off an already dying city centre, then it will most certainly succeed.

Not content with gross discrimination against the elderly, disabled and vulnerable by previous changes to the bus/train passes and the removal of paper timetables, they have now turned their attention to the working population of Sheffield.

These are people who obviously do not use public transport, but drive around in family sized cars subsidised by passengers and council tax payers, have a designated parking space near a cosy air conditioned office, playing on their computers with our transport system like a train set.

And, like a train set it would work fine without passengers.

This profit making at our expense has got to stop.

Come on Sheffield, show your mettle, there are 500,000 of us, let’s join the Freedom Riders in peaceful protest.

They can’t arrest us all, there isn’t room in the Police Station.

S. Bennett