Let's have variety shows back on TV

HAVING recently been to Buxton to see Best of British Variety which included Jimmy Cricket, Frank Carson, Brotherhood of Man, The Krankies, Paul Daniels and the lovely Debbie McGee, Cannon & Ball.

It was a joy from start to finish, much laughter and enjoyment. It made me think: what has happened to entertainment and variety? For it proves that there are great funny people around to entertain us. Surely, there is a place on television for this instead of Big Brother, Wife Swap etc and all the soaps being on two, three and even six days a week.

Saturday night television used to be a pleasure to pick what you were going to view. Now you're lucky if you get one good variety show on every November, namely the Royal Variety.

Come on TV executives, listen to the people buying the licence and get the good old entertainment back on TV.

Fay Lister, Villiers Drive, Sheffield S2.

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