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At last we may get some action on the litter issue. Near where I live, people sometimes call at takeaways and sit in their cars, then throw it all out.

However,while working for the local authority I have seen many gardens with loads of waste. In one instance, rats have chewed plastic heating pipes etc on two occasions. Having called at that property, the garden has waste piled up at the bottom of the garden and the tenants blame the council and/or everybody else, yet it is THEIR rubbish. Also other gardens nearby are the same and on one of these, I requested it be moved over six months ago and it is still there.

In fact inside some of these properties is just as bad. It is time to get tough on these people,as there is no excuse. Shirecliffe tip is only a short car ride away. The problem is that most of these people are too lazy to help themselves.

It’s time to put people in who do look after their property and area they live in.