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I agree with some of the views expressed by Dave in his email about our benefits system being exploited by “incomers”. However, there are a few misconceptions highlighted within.

I would be very surprised if our Government wasn’t aware of the issues prior to Romania and Bulgaria joining the EU. In fact, for the first 12 months of their entry into the EU it is my belief that citizens from those two countries were not entitled to benefits unless they could prove they had work in the UK.

Under EU legislation this was about as far as our Government could go to stem a mass exodus from citizens of those two countries looking to exploit our benefit levels.

The fact remains that benefit levels around EU member countries vary and the UK is one of the more generous. Our Government cannot discriminate against other EU nationals living in this country who have to claim benefit. This is partly why Duncan-Smith and his ilk have tried to make changes to our system, because to reduce benefit levels for Romanians/Bulgarians without also doing it for UK citizens, would be against EU law. Also, the Government has no real control over EU citizens allowed over here because of the freedom of movement legislation. What price EU membership now one might ask?If we want our country back and to make laws that only English Courts can decide upon we need to become masters of our own destiny again. Sadly, for me, that means coming out of the EU. Is trade and money really that important when our own citizens feel alienated in their own country? Let’s have more confidence in what this country can do. Being out of the EU does not mean we have to sever ties with the rest of Europe. We used to be “Great” when we weren’t in the EU did we not? By the way, I am not a UKIP supporter in case any one asks.


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