Let real fans criticise club over prices

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I cannot help but get angry when I see EB Warris (in the letters column most nights) passing on his messages to your readers.

I bet the truth is he knows nothing at all about football. If he did he would know that the vast amount of money in a football club comes from the owner or the likes of Sky TV and not the punters.

It sounds like at the best he sits in his armchair and watches his football.

Does he know the cost of a new pitch and scoreboard? The price of building a team that will keep the supporters coming? Has he ever in fact been to a match? I wonder if he was good enough would he say no?

I would suggest five minutes of a training session the players are put through would be more than enough for him let alone kick a “bag of wind” about for over 90 minutes.

If he goes to matches then I will apologise but I think I am safe from that.

Why doesn’t he let the people who actually go to the matches and support the clubs do the moaning , as they are entitled to do.

It is expensive, that’s true, and I would like to see the price come down and more concession tickets for the needy, I’m an OAP and get it cheaper. But it is us fans that should be talking. Not him

K Edwards