Let OAP Doreen keep her dolls

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Doreen Gubby has been collecting dolls for at least 60 years. How many fires has she had in all that time?

Can nothing be done about these Health & Safety little Hitlers, who seem to spend their lives thinking up ways to keep themselves in a job?

Leave Doreen alone with her only hobby, or drive her into premature senility. Who can she appeal to? What business is it of other people what ornaments she has in her house? I suspect that the busybodies’ names will be protected by that other sacred cow, the Data Protection Act.

VEN, Arbourthorne

what is England coming to, depriving a lady of possibly the only pleasure she has? I’m infuriated at what is happening in this country. Who are these faceless morons? I’m in my 80s and it makes me wonder how I’ve managed to live all these years without all these so called ‘safety’ issues. I pray to God Mrs Gubby is allowed to keep her treasures.

Dorothy Williams