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I’m pleased that Jillian Creasy acknowledged (Letters, April 23) that her leaflet wrongly said I was absent from Parliamentary votes when, as she well knew, I was present but abstained. But I’m disappointed that she is still misrepresenting Labour’s views, so let me set the record straight.

Labour will reverse privatisation in the NHS. We’ll repeal the Tories’ Health and Social Care Act which requires services to be tendered, and put patients before private profits.

Our plan to cut tuition fees by £3,000 and increase maintenance grants for students is funded by ending tax breaks for higher earners’ pension fund contributions.

We’ll bring bus services under effective public control by giving local areas the powers to set fares, decide routes and regulate services.

Labour worked with Friends of the Earth and other environmental groups to agree a robust regulatory framework for fracking and we will not allow fracking without these controls.

My view, that renewing Trident is not a financial or strategic priority, is well known and I have supported motions against renewing Trident in Parliament.

On the key issue of the economy, it is fundamentally dishonest to suggest Labour doesn’t oppose the Tories’ huge programme of unfunded spending cuts.

This was the key issue at the last election, as it is again on 7 May.

We will reduce the deficit, but at a pace that makes sense socially and economically – and invest in capital programmes to stimulate the economy.

The independent Institute for Fiscal Studies says the Tories will cut an extra £30 billion which will have disastrous consequences for the poorest and our public services.

Labour will ask the wealthiest to make a bigger contribution and reverse those policies, like the bedroom tax, that have hit the poorest hardest.

Labour and Green supporters share many values and aspirations. But Labour is aiming to be in Government and therefore all our policies have to be deliverable.

The Greens have an admirable campaign wish list, but no idea about to pay for any of it.

That’s why, as the election gets closer, more and more people are telling me they’ll be voting Labour to stop another five years of the Tories.

Paul Blomfield

Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Sheffield Central Constituency