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I was interested and somewhat surprised to see in your paper on Tuesday your article on learning.

The University of Sheffield’s Pro-Vice Chancellor is quoted as saying: “Adult education in Sheffield has a rich history – in fact many of Sheffield University’s first students were working-class city folk attending part-time classes after work.”

What he doesn’t mention is that this “rich history” is almost at an end.

Tomorrow, the University Senate will be asked to approve proposals to phase out part-time evening learning, meaning that although students like myself will be able to complete their courses, no new students will be able to study for qualifications in the evenings through the university.

It seems to me that this will cut off the university from the city, and won’t allow those people who are in work to use their local university as they have for the last 100 years.

The courses involved include language courses, surely useful in a city where exports are important, IT courses needed for all industries, and community work courses important for the deprived groups in the community.

Those of us who are students at present are campaigning to prevent this.

I hope we have some support from others in the city.

John Anderson

by email