Legalising drugs stark raving mad

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I am now convinced that this whole country has gone stark raving mad with the announcement that a review is to take place on whether illegal drugs should be decriminalised.

We have seen the misery that drug use has inflicted on our society resulting in increased crime and lives being destroyed, not forgetting the proven link to psychiatric disorders among cannabis users.

There have been numerous cases where the use of drugs has led to severe personality changes in some people which has resulted in them committing appalling crimes.

Earlier this year in Sheffield a man murdered his mother in the most horrific way and it was stated in court that his regular use of cannabis had played a significant part.

It would appear that there are those who consider that, rather than continuing the fight against drugs, the answer is to give in and legalise them, so using this flawed argument should we also then consider decriminalising murder and rape?

It would be so much easier wouldn’t it for our liberal-minded ‘do-gooders’ to see drug use legalised rather than being judgmental and handing out the necessary punishment.

Far from decriminalising drugs I would suggest introducing the death penalty for those involved in this dangerous and vile trade which has proved an adequate deterrent in other countries.

Do we really want to see our children growing up in a society in which drug-taking is accepted as a normal part of everyday life with all the accompanying misery associated with it ?

Susan Richardson