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To quote a Streets Ahead spokesman in the Rustlings Rd tree felling story, “We do have a legal duty to keep our roads and pavements safe for all and when we find a fault that is preventing this we need to act.”

Right then, firstly trees.

There is clearly a dead tree on Eyre Street, one of the busiest roads in the city centre.

It must be passed by thousands of vehicles, (including Streets Ahead and Amey vehicles) and hundreds of pedestrians every day of the week.

It’s easy to spot it. It’s the dead one, no leaves. It’s been like this for a good 18 months.

If Streets Ahead are so concerned with public safety, why hasn’t anyone spotted it and removed it so far?

Let’s see how long it now takes to remove it?

Let’s move on to pavements.

So Streets Ahead/Amey/Sheffield City Council have a legal duty to keep pavements safe?

Why then is the route that the public are expected to walk between Arundel Gate, down the steps to Flat Street, riddled with loose, broken, wobbley, uneven paving with the addition of missing/broken steep steps, between the two level?

The place is an accident waiting to happen and its been like this for years due to sheer neglect by those who are supposed to be responsible for it.

James Fenner

by email