Left-wing anti-Thatcher play looks like one to miss

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I read the preview by Julia Armstrong of the play Queen Coal at the Crucible Studio until November 22, which stars the actress Kate Anthony.

It looks like one to miss.

It would appear to be an anti-Margaret Thatcher play rather than about the Miners’ Strike.

Kate Anthony declares her joy when Mrs Thatcher died but like many of her left-wing colleagues she suffers from acute memory loss.

For example, she will have forgotten that when Mrs Thatcher became Prime Minister the country was on its knees with the previous governments having been held to ransom by the powerful unions resulting in lengthy strikes, a three-day week and power cuts.

She will have forgotten that prior to the Miners’ Strike Mrs Thatcher actually gave in to the miners’ demands for a huge pay increase.

She will also have forgotten that Arthur Scargill failed to call a strike ballot, leading to the breakaway union forming in the Nottinghamshire coalfields, where they continued to work.

It is also a fact that more pits were closed under the Labour governments than Conservative.

I have always been fascinated by politicians, union leaders and wives who have insisted on a man’s right to go down a coal mine for what is one of the most dangerous occupations there is.

Over the years hundreds of miners have been killed and thousands have suffered from industrial diseases, and some deaths have occurred in recent years.

The coal mines should have been shut years ago.

Fracking and wind power may not be ideal but it is unlikely that they will cause many deaths.

J Bunting,