Leave out the politics

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as an ex-Londoner who has lived in Sheffield for 10 years, I now fully understand the north/south divide when it comes to politics.

We all see our nation and our grievances from totally different angles.

I enjoy reading local papers as they give a good insight to the local communities, crime rates, initiatives, building programmes, policing and direction of this particularly multi-cultural city.

Your May 14 lead letter, Three Wasted Years, was from the incoming Labour deputy leader, offering a rather partisan response to the detriment of an obviously dedicated professional.

Another letter was from an apoplectic G Ellison, who demonised the Tories with ladles of inaccuracies. To put the record straight on accusations over immigration: from 1948 to the mid-1970s, the government (of both persuasions) invited people from the Commonwealth to come Britain to alleviate the dearth of labourers needed to rebuild our country.

Also in 1972 in Uganda, Idi Amin expelled 80,000 Asians who held British passports, of whom only 30,000 came to Britain. The rest went elsewhere. Certainly not hundreds of thousand, as suggested by G Ellison. So, political point-scoring should be left to Question Time or the equivalent.

Over the last few years this page has become politicised beyond boredom. As a resident Sheffielder my interest in a local paper is local issues raised in a non-partisan way. I appreciate that everything in life is political from the price of a pint, petrol, prostitutes and a curry down the Punjab, but please leave the politics to another page.

There are plenty of erudite contributor correspondents out there to make this page educational, informative and a pleasure to read!

Simon Church, Woodseats