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Having listened to a radio show’s “hot seat” interview with Councillor Fox and Graeme Symonds of Amey, I was disgusted and frustrated to hear Coun Fox say, in reply to a question about the Rustlings Road trees and whether the proposed tree forum would affect the outcome, “..down come the trees? Absolutely,” said Coun Fox, “the trees are coming down on Rustlings Road.”

The same question was posed again later in the programme and the response from Coun Fox was the same.

If this is indeed the case, what is the point in having a Tree Advisory Forum or developing a tree strategy if there is to be “absolutely” no compromise or indeed use of discretion with regard to the Rustlings Road trees?

A meaningful discussion should be part of the process both before and including the Forum and the outcome SHOULD NOT be pre-determined by the council.

Coun Fox’s statement that the trees are coming down makes a mockery of local democracy which many of us believe should be at the heart of this consultation.

The outcome of a consultation should not be predetermined by one party!

In any event it is in no way compensation to replace mature trees more than 100 years old with young saplings.

Incidentally I saw a group of our “younger generation” for whom they are supposedly intended managing to break and easily snap branches off two saplings just inside the Endcliffe Park fence.

I hear these saplings may be diseased anyway and “yes” I did stop them, though I don’t imagine they could inflict such damage on the big old lime trees destined to be felled.

As limes can live for hundreds of years they stand more chance of outliving and surviving those vandals - unlike the saplings!

There’s an old saying “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush” - it’s worth remembering - be very wary of replacing established healthy lime trees with saplings!

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