Leaders have not got a clue

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The lack of leadership by the PCT and unions astounds.

The Lansley reforms will not be passed any time soon and they will certainly be unrecognisable. Yet, in Sheffield, wards are closing, red alerts happen over the weekend because of lack of resources, elective operations are cancelled, newly trained nurses have no jobs.

Why? Because the leaders have not got a clue. The BMA is standing out against them and so are individual doctors and nurses; but not top management. Why are they there if not to fight for staff and patients?

I worked on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link project, which was in full swing when Labour got in. Prescott immediately targeted the budget. However, the company worked on with a full complement until Prescott foolishly pulled the money. Only then did work stop and people leave.

Why does the PCT allow this panic action and why do unions let them? Answers please, with white feathers attached.

Prof John Carlisle, Sheffield Business School