Lazy parents to blame for parking

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I DO hope the parking clampdown around schools (Star June 20), includes Hartley Brook School.

The police have been called to this school on several occasions by different people because of illegal parking.

However, it makes no difference because, as the police themselves have said, they just get the same abuse as residents do from the parkers. If they don’t respect the police, then it’s about time action was taken so that they did.

We have driveways blocked, buses that can’t turn up past the school because people are parked on corners stopping the buses getting round, people parking on the newly laid grass verges and cars going in opposite directions meeting up in the middle of the road and unable to pass because of all the parked cars either side.

We have parents parking about an hour before the kids come out of school, just so they can get the nearest spot to the school gates and they don’t have to walk.

I have seen kids suddenly running out between parked vehicles to reach their parents, too young to appreciate the risks they are taking.

We have parents winding down their car windows and chucking their pop bottles and other rubbish on our doorsteps.

A few months ago we had two parking attendants arrive outside the school at 2.50pm just before the kids were due out.

They propped themselves against the school railings and appeared to do nothing, before wandering off at 3.10pm.

The council can paint double yellow lines two feet wide around the school and some people will just ignore them because they simply don’t care and parking badly is easier than walking.

While ever parents are too lazy to walk and too arrogant to respect the police, this problem will never go away and the first time a child is injured everyone will be blaming someone else.

For generations people managed to walk their kids to school.

SC, Sheffield