Law firm’s last chance warning to workers

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LAWYERS representing hundreds of ex-engineers who have suffered hearing problems through work are urging others to come forward.

The Sheffield branch of law firm Irwin Mitchell is appealing for former communications engineers to come forward if they believe working with faulty equipment has affected their hearing.

Noise-related hearing loss experts are working on claims for more than 300 people from Sheffield who may have been injured as a result of working with the BT devices either while working for BT or with other companies which bought or leased them.

But time is running out for people wishing to bring a claim. From January, BT is withdrawing an amnesty on the time limits it will accept in relation to such cases from workers who used the faulty equipment.

Irwin Mitchell believes more people in South Yorkshire could have been affected by the problem and is encouraging them to get in touch.

Mark Allen, an associate director at Irwin Mitchell, said: “The decision on the removal of the amnesty is likely to impact on many people.

“It means that workers who were injured using the devices more than three years ago could find it significantly more difficult to launch a battle for justice.

“Through no fault of their own many communications workers have been injured using devices they were given.

“We’ve seen first hand the terrible impact that noise related hearing loss can have on so many lives, with hearing loss and tinnitus really affecting the way our clients interact with their families.

“Anyone who believes they may be affected should seek expert legal advice.”