Latest court reports from Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham

COURT: Court Case
COURT: Court Case
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The following cases were convicted at Sheffield, Barnsley and Rotherham magistrates’ courts between September 30 and October 6.


Addresses Sheffield unless stated otherwise

SHOPLIFTING:David Grubb, aged 38, Firshill Gardens, Firshill, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, £56.29 compensation; Alan Whitehead, 56, Skelton Lane, Woodhouse, community order with alcohol treatment requirement; Graham Ejobamu, 59, Otley Walk, Upperthorpe, community order, curfew with tag; Dean Guest, 41, Stretton Road, Monk Bretton, Barnsley, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement; Lilija Jedovska, 34, Sherwood Street, Oakwell, Barnsley, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement; Kenneth Smith, 52, Carrill Road, Foxhill, £3.45 compensation; Paul Ashmore, 31, Skelton Road, Woodhouse, three-month suspended prison sentence, drug rehabilitation requirement, supervision, £85 costs; Nicola Baker, 43, Alport Drive, Frecheville, eight-week suspended prison sentence, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Dean Todd, 41, Birley Spa Lane, Hackenthorpe, conditional discharge, £57 compensation; Kayley Walsh, 26, Waterslacks Walk, Woodhouse, £50 fine, £14.95 compensation; Michael Daley, 41, Plowright Mount, Gleadless Valley, conditional discharge, £24 compensation, £85 costs; Keith Frisby, 56, Woodland Road, Hollythorpe, conditional discharge, £24 compensation; Ashley Hobson, 31, Hartley Brook Avenue, Parson Cross, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £28 compensation; Hayley Taylor, 43, Morland Road, Gleadless Valley, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, supervision; Andrew Gill, 32, Cemetery Road, Sharrow, conditional discharge; Michael Lucas, 32, Marlcliffe Road, Middlewood, conditional discharge; Jacqueline Clarke, 52, Trenton Rise, Woodhouse, conditional discharge, £50 costs; Richard Haycock, 39, Myrtle Road, Lowfield, community order, drug rehabilitation order, £40 compensation; John Crapper, 31, Dial House Road, Wisewood, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, £50 costs; Lee Jackson, 38, Lytton Drive, Parson Cross, three-week suspended prison sentence, £85 costs; Daniel Webster, 26, Spa Lane, Woodhouse, community order with supervision, 40 hours’ unpaid work.

DRUG POSSESSION: Sedley Grossett, 55, Shortbrook View, Westfield, £40 costs; Simon Fothergill, 36, Beacon Close, Wincobank, conditional discharge; Toni Hurst, 26, Browning Drive, Foxhill, conditional discharge, £40 costs; Paul Bodden, 32, Fife Street, Wincobank, £50 fine, £50 costs; Tye Roberts, 22, Nodder Road, Woodthorpe, community order, 100 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs.

THEFT; Stuart Graham, 33, Oxspring Bank, Wadsley Bridge, conditional discharge, £100 compensation.

ASSAULT: Peter Ahmed, 53, Elm Grove, Greasbrough, Rotherham, community order with alcohol treatment requirement, restraining order, £85 costs.

DRINK DRIVING: David Marsden, 29, Wilcox Close, Foxhill, £110 fine, £85 costs, 17-month disqualification; Paul Shaw, 34, Manvers Road, Beighton, £250 fine, £85 costs, 24-month disqualification; Matthew Hinchcliffe, 30, Kyle Close, Southey Green, £100 fine, three-year disqualification; David Barras, 42, St Matthew’s Close, Renishaw, community order, programme requirement, 24-month disqualification; Robert Sherwood, 38, Moor View Road, Woodseats, £110 fine, £85 costs, 20-month disqualification; Aaron Smith, 28, Redscope Crescent, Kimberworth Park, Rotherham, £600 fine, £85 costs, 20-month disqualification.

BURGLARY: Connor Wheeler, 21, Boundary Road, Wybourn, community order, 60 hours unpaid work, curfew with tag, £100 costs.


Addresses Barnsley unless stated otherwise

DRINK DRIVING; Wesley Kenyon, 32, Dodworth Road, Town End, £500 fine, £300 compensation, 20-month disqualification; William McLoughlin, 75, Brettas Park, Monk Bretton, £220 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification.

DRUG POSSESSION: Christopher Hartley, 29, Vernon Street, Old Mill, 12-month suspended prison sentence, curfew with tag, £85 costs; Dale Ackroyd, 19, Longsight Road, Staincross, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Joseph Hill, 28, Wall Street, community order, 40 hours’ unpaid work, £35 costs; Richard Humphries, 29, High Street, conditional discharge, £35 costs; Clarke Powers, 22, Honeywell Close, £73 fine, £35 costs; Jason Batley, 41, Well Lane, Monk Bretton, 16-week suspended prison sentence, supervision, £100 compensation.

ASSAULT: James Maskrey, 32, no fixed abode, 12 weeks’ jail, restraining order; Andrew Guy, 43, Stocks Lane, Town End, four-month suspended prison sentence, curfew with tag, supervision, £50 compensation, £85 costs.

THEFT: Tony Tudor, 22, Springfield Street, Town End, conditional discharge, £40 compensation, £85 costs; Gareth Jones, 39, Mona Street, Town End, conditional discharge, £140 compensation; Ashley Boyle, 20, Hough Lane, Wombwell, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement, 40 hours’ unpaid work, £1,550 compensation; Mikra Lofts, 32, Dillington Road, Worsbrough Common, community order with programme requirement, £85 costs.

SHOPLIFTING: Richard Lowe, 41, Bruce Avenue, Worsbrough Common, one month’s jail; Amy Harrison, 19, Newstead Road, Athersley North, community order with drug rehabilitation requirement; Mareks Ozolpupa, 22, no fixed abode, conditional discharge; Carl Ramsden, 26, Kingway, Staincross, community order with alcohol treatment requiremet, supervision; Scott Simpson, 34, Mayfield Crescent, Rossington, Doncaster, conditional discharge, £108 compensation, £85 costs.

BURGLARY: Joseph Blackburn, 22, Woodstock Road, Wilthorpe, community order, 100 hours’ unpaid work.


Addresses Rotherham unless stated otherwise

DRUG POSSESSION: Nicholas Cowdell, 30, Church Green, Wath-upon-Dearne, conditional discharge, £85 costs; Lee Guest, 31, Ingsfield Lane, Bolton on Dearne, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs.

DRINK DRIVING: Brett Driver, 49, Dalton Lane, Dalton, £265 fine, £85 costs, 12-month disqualification; Malcolm Smith, 60, Elmville Avenue, Swinton, £350 fine, £85 costs, two-year disqualification; Michelle Davies, 36, Brampton Road, West Melton, community order with activity requirement, £85 costs, 27-month disqualification; Anthony Wood, 42, Bentley Road, Bramley. 20-week suspended prison sentence, £85 costs, three-year disqualification; Regimantas Silkauskas, 38, William Street, Town Centre, £335 fine, £85 costs, two-year disqualification.

ASSAULT: Christopher Hargreaves, 40, Westgate, four months’ jail, restraining order.

SHOPLIFTING: Lee Pearson, 27, Katherine Road, Thurcroft, £73 fine, £85 costs; David Allison, 32, Goldsmith Drive, Herringthorpe, community order, 80 hours’ unpaid work, £85 costs; David Bailey, 35, Callander Court, Cantley, Doncaster, four weeks’ jail; Graham Bulman, 29, Morrison Avenue, Maltby, four weeks’ jail; Mark Swift, 39, Town Lane, Greasbrough, conditional discharge, £85 costs.

BURGLARY: Ainsley Sheppard, 31, Rotherview Road, Canklow, 15 weeks’ jail; Christopher Shortt, 42, Clough Road, Masbrough, community order, curfew with tag, £85 costs.