Last nail in this area’s coffin

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Further to the article about Hillsborough Forum closing and the failing shopping area there I would like to bring to your attention the fact that parking charges are about to be applied to the Walkley Lane area soon.

Comments have been made on the lack of parking facilities causing a downturn in trade for local shops and businesses, so why on earth is the council proceeding to charge people to visit the area?

This will be the last nail in the Hillsborough’s coffin. I for one will be cutting my visits down and finding alternative parking-free shops.

The council’s action is a repeat of what they did to Sheffield city centre, driving all shoppers to Meadowhall. If they carry on with this policy Sheffield will not have any shopping centres at all.

Barbara Lee, Queenswood Rd, S6

Living in Hope

My cistern runneth over and I’m down the u-bend with pleasure as the New Year dawns and with it hope for a new role for Blonk Street’s Victorian Gents and Ladies WC. Yes this illustrious privy, once subject to a council debate and home to the finest reproduction of the city’s coat of arms outside the town hall, has a planning application in for use as a riverside cafe. A sign of the success of the council’s policy as regards opening up Sheffield’s rivers. Good luck to the applicant and I’ll look forward to my first skinny latte and dripping baguette down by the riverside. What a pity we can’t repeat this success as regards the functionless Tardis by Hillsborough’s Community Garden on Holme Lane but Hope (and Hathersage) springs eternal.

Ron Clayton, S6

Veolia’s shame

it’s difficult to understand how Veolia Environmental Services can present themselves as a force for good environmentally speaking when the new office on Lumley St that was completed last year has no solar panels or capacity to capture grey water from toilets, despite it having a huge roof area. It would merit at least one wind turbine. I find it distasteful that companies who attempt to win the hearts and minds of the people pretend to be anything more than a profit-before-everything machine, without any real social or ecological conscience.

Paul Stewart, Beldon Close, S2

Photo of my grandad

In reply to Michael Parkers letter (Jan 2), I have a photo of my grandad, John Arthur Cardno, in his Volunteer Training Corps uniform with the armband on. He was in the Huddersfield Corps.

IH Moseley, Norton Lees

Take it free of charge

Where has Joan Moody been for the last two years? The law stands that if anyone buys any electrical goods, then the company where one buys it from are obliged to take your old goods away, free of charge.

Name and address supplied

NHS should help Jack

I WAS shocked to read that the NHS has stopped paying for the treatment of Jack Mitchell, who is confined to a wheelchair after hitting his head on ice, as there’d be no further improvement in his condition.

This is outrageous. He is only 18 and has many years ahead of him and deserves help from the NHS. They should do all they can, not make him find the money for private treatment.

Jayne Grayson