Largest fall in incomes since 1920s

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Just how much is Lib Dem Coun David Baker out touch with ordinary people?

It’s about time he was brought back to Earth to see what his party’s policies are doing to the lives of ordinary folk.

Away from Planet Town Hall, ordinary folk are going through the largest fall in real incomes since the 1920s. For them, it costs nearly £100 to fill up a car with petrol, which is not helped by his party’s broken promise not to raise VAT.

Students can’t afford to go to university because of his party’s broken promise on tuition fees and his party has just ordered the sacking of 900 of their own workers and a £200m cut for Sheffield over four years.

He, himself voted for £80 million of cuts to his council’s budget this year, on the orders of his Tory masters in government. This means cuts to library opening times and review on rationalisation of services and no new books. It means a staggering £17 million slashed from young people’s services, including Sure Start and it means in a blow to his own party’s Big Society cuts that only fund many voluntary organisations for a few months, leaving many to face closure later this year.

Let’s not forget people losing their jobs at the Home Office and DWP in Sheffield, on his governments orders. And then there are the benefit cuts (£18 billion of them that start hitting the poorest in a few weeks’ time).

Unemployment is at a 17-year high and youth unemployment is at record highs, all caused by his party’s support of a Tory government that is making Thatcher’s government look decidedly left wing. Even she didn’t want to privatise the health service!

Steve Wilson