Land Rover fan bought stolen vehicle for £800

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A VALUABLE farm vehicle stolen from a Doncaster landowner was dismantled by a Conisbrough man within hours of the targeted theft, a court heard.

When the Warde-Aldam estate had three Land Rovers stolen in as many years they decided to have the replacements fitted with tracker devices.

But the gadgets did not deter thieves taking two in the same night from the driveway of Frickley Hall at Clayton. They were stolen around 3.30am, but by 11am police had tracked one to a garage in Highfield Road, Conisbrough, where it had been partly dismantled by Land Rover enthusiast Liam Moran.

Moran, aged 22, pleaded guilty at Doncaster Crown Court to handling stolen goods and was sentenced to 150 hours of unpaid work.

Carl Fitch, prosecuting, said the 2004 Land Rover valued at £16,000 was parked at the end of a three-quarter mile long drive. It had been targeted because it could not be seen from the main road.

The tracking firm helped police trace it to the garage, where the doors and roof had already been removed.

Moran, of Windmill Avenue, who said he had acquired it through a man he met at a Land Rover fair, to whom he paid £800 when it was dropped off.

Repairs to the vehicle, the fourth Land Rover stolen from Frickley Hall in three years, cost £1,700.

John King, defending, said Moran had wild times as a youth but had now settled down with a partner and their one-year-old child. He had been a Land Rover enthusiast and wanted to ‘soup’ his up with parts from another Land Rover but had since got rid of it and now runs a family car.

The judge said he had “an unhealthy obsession” with improving his vehicle.