Lady Mabel lasses bounding with energy

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IT’S good to read of the possible restoration and public access to Wentworth-Woodhouse.

Working at Parkgate Iron & Steel in the 60s, it was a pleasure to spend occasional lunch breaks with workmates at the nearby Wentworth village pub, a world away from the sound, smoke and fury of steel. The pleasure was enhanced if, on the way, we saw a partridge in the cornfields and Lady Mabel PE College lasses, bounding with energy, exercising in the grounds of the great house.

Let’s hope Mr Newbold’s dispute with the coal authority doesn’t hold up the restoration. Manny Shinwell, minister for Fuel & Powers (called ‘fool in power’ by locals) in Atlee’s post-war government, showed malicious spite in ordering coal extraction right up to the house, ruining the gardens.

Anyone interested in industrial history should read Catherine Bailey’s Black Diamonds.

You mention the doomed love affair between Kathleen ‘Kick’ Kennedy and Peter Wentworth-Fitzwilliam.

Sometime after she died alongside her lover in an air crash, a memorial was placed in her honour among the Cavendish graves at Edensor, Chatsworth estate.

Don Alexander, S7