Labour maintain control of South Yorkshire’s councils on a bad day for the Liberal Democrats and a good day for UKIP

UKIP's John Booker celebrates winning Sheffield Council's West Ecclesfield seat following the announcment by returning officer John Mothersole, right.
UKIP's John Booker celebrates winning Sheffield Council's West Ecclesfield seat following the announcment by returning officer John Mothersole, right.
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Welcome to The Star’s live election blog – keep refreshing throughout the day for live updates. Labour hold Sheffield Council, but UKIP win first seats

2.50pm: That’s all for our live election coverage today as Labour maintain control of all four South Yorkshire councils.

The Sheffield Council election count is now under way at EIS Sheffield in Attercliffe.

The Sheffield Council election count is now under way at EIS Sheffield in Attercliffe.

Talking about the results, Coun Julie Dore, Labour leader of Sheffield Council, said: “The people of Sheffield were sending a strong message to the other parties.”

For more reaction, see and The Star tomorrow.

2.48pm: Labour lost two seats in Doncaster to the Independents, leaving it with 48 seats, while the Liberal Democrats lost their only representative and UKIP gained their first. There are also six Independents, an increase of two, and eight Conservatives.

2.33pm: Labour increased its majority in Sheffield, but it was a bad day for the official opposition, the Liberal Democrats, which lost six seats, including its leader Shaffaq Mohammed. UKIP gained three seats, two from the Lib Dems and one from Labour, while the Greens won two seats, one each from Labour and Lib Dems. Labour now has 59 seats, against 18 Liberal Democrats, four Green Party councillors and three representing UKIP.

Election results from Sheffield will be coming in throughout the day.

Election results from Sheffield will be coming in throughout the day.

2.32pm: Labour maintained control in Rotherham, but UKIP is now the official opposition. UKIP won 10 seats, seven from Labour, two from the Conservatives and it held a seat it won in a by-election last year.

The council is now made up of 50 Labour members, 10 UKIP members, two Conservatives and an Independent.

2.31pm: Barnsley saw Labour maintain its majority, which still stands at 43. A total of 21 seats were contested, one in each of the borough’s wards. In summary, Labour gained Penistone West from Conservative, but lost Old Town to Barnsley Independent Group. The council now stands at 53 Labour members, six Independents and four Conservatives.

2.30pm: All the results are now in, with Labour maintaining control of all four of South Yorkshire’s councils.

2.19pm: Dave Jones on Twitter: “A Labour councillor in Bessacarr is actually the biggest shock of the day in many respects.”

2.18pm: Labour’s Neil Gethin takes Bessacarr and Cantley from the Lib Dems on Doncaster Council.

2.14pm: UKIP’s Fred Gee, who is not at the count, wins Edenthorpe seat on Doncaster Council. Labour take Armthorpe with Chris McGuiness, while Kevin Rodgers (Labour and Co-operative) wins Great North Road ward.

2.05pm: Sheffield Council - Walkley, Labour holds (two seats)

Final Sheffield result in from Walkley with both seats taken by Labour, by Ben Curran and Olivia Blake.

Olivia Blake (Lab) 2061, Ben Curran (Lab) 2297, Jonathan Harston (Lib Dem) 710, Lorna Hurley (Con) 299, Philip Hurley (Con) 259, Diane Leek (Lib Dem) 981, Chaz Lockett (TUSC) 182, Sue Morton (Green) 1257, Calvin Payne (Green) 738, Richard Ratcliffe (UKIP) 870, Josh Skipworth (UKIP) 787.

2,04pm: Three more wins for Labour on Doncaster Council - Dave Shaw in Wheatley, Linda Curran in Hatfield and Iris Beech in Askern Spa.

1.57pm: The Star’s Darren Burke on Twitter: “Biggest Doncaster result so far, Mexborough campaigner Andy Pickering wins Mexborough from Labour.”

1.55pm: Alan Smith, of the Conservatives, wins Sprotbrough seat on Doncaster Council. Labour’s John McHale wins Central ward.

1.48pm: Doncaster Council – Tory James Hart wins Torne Valley, Independent John Cooke wins Rossington from Labour, Tory Allan Jones wins Finningley. Labour’s Andrew Bosmans wins Balby, Working for Mexborough’s Andy Pickering wins Mexborough.

1.44pm: Coun Neale Gibson, Sheffield Council Labour member for Walkley, Tweets: “Labour decapitate Sheffield Liberal Democrats.”

Oliver Coppard, Labour prospective parliamentary candidate for Sheffield Hallam Tweets: “Nick Clegg said ‘where we work we win’. So why did we just beat him in Crookes?”

1.38pm: The Star’s Darren Burke at the Doncaster election count: “Results coming in thick and fast now. No shocks so far, Labour wins in all seats so far declared.” Follow him on @darrenburkesyn for live Tweets from thhe count

Doncaster Council - Labour’s Sandra Holland wins Conisbrough & Denaby

Glen Mitchell on Twitter: “Frank Jackson is a good family friend and will be an excellent Labour councillor for Bentley ward. Chuffed for him.”

1.35pm: Doncaster Council - Labour hold Thorne through Mark Houlbrook, while Labour’s Elsie Butler wins Edlington and Warmsworth.

1.34pm: Just Walkley to come on Sheffield Council, where two members are being elected. The winner will serve a four-year term, while the runner-up will serve one year as they fill what is left of Nikki Sharpe’s term following her resignation in March.

1.33pm: Sheffield Council - Stocksbridge & Upper Don, UKIP gain from Liberal Democrats

UKIP have a third seat on Sheffield Council as Jack Clarkson wins Stocksbridge and Upper Don.

Susan Auckland (Lib Dem) 353, Lisa Banes (Lab) 1207, Martin Brelsford (Ind) 526, Jack Clarkson (Con) 2496, Dan Lyons (Green) 419, Nigel Owen (621)

Sheffield Council - Ecclesall, Liberal Democrat hold

Roger Davison holds his Ecclesall seat

Lewis Dagnall (Lab) 1620, Roger Davison (Lib Dem) 2831, Arun Mathur (Green) 1007, Christina Stark (Con) 792, Josh Wright (UKIP) 694.

1.27pm: Vasilis Leontitsis on Twitter: “The Lib Dems have collapsed in Sheffield. They have even lost Crookes.”

Mel Rogers on Twitter: “Disgusted at at the small amount of people who turned out to vote in Sheffield. It’s no wonder this country us in a mess.”

Not seen any official turnout figures yet, but looks to be about 30 per cent.

1.26pm: Doncaster Council – Labour hold Town Moor through Jane Kidd, Labour’s John Mounsey wins Adwick

1.25pm: Comedian and BBC Sheffield breakfast presenter TobyFoster on Twitter: “Moving Shaffaq to that safe seat didn’t work out so well.”

1.24pm: Sheffield Council – Fulwood, Liberal Democrat hold

Liberal Democrat Cliff Woodcraft wins Fulwood

Dianne Hurst (Lab) 1196, Nigel James (UKIP) 587, Christopher McAndrew (TUSC) 78, Judith Rutnam (Green) 963, Ian Walker (Con) 966, Cliff Woodcraft (Lib Dem) 2577

1.21pm: Sheffield Council - Crookes, Labour gain from Liberal Democrat

Labour’s Anne Murphy wins Crookes ward on Sheffield Council, meaning Liberal Democrat group leader Shaffaq Mohammed – who switched from his Broomhill seat to fight Crookes – loses his place on the council. The Lib Dems will be looking for a new leader on the authority tonight.

1.17pm: Sheffield Council - Dore & Totley, Liberal Democrat hold

Liberal Democrat Martin Smith wins in Sheffield’s Dore and Totley ward.

David Crosby (Lab) 842, Alex Dale (Con) 1603, Martin Smith (Lib Dem) 2452, Jason Sullivan (UKIP) 861, Rita Wilcock (Green) 437.

1.16pm: And finally Doncaster Council joins the results party. Labour’s Frank Jackson wins Bentley seat

1.15pm: Sheffield Council – Broomhill, Green gain from Liberal Democrats

Greens take Broomhill from the Liberal Democrats, with Brian Webster victorious.

Katherine Baker (Lab) 1412, Rich Brown (TUSC) 45, Michael Ginn (357), Harry Matthews (Lib Dem) 501, Pat Sullivan (UKIP) 232, Brian Webster (Green) 2110

1.10pm: Sheffield Council - Burngreave, Labour hold

Labour’s Talib Hussain has held his seat in Burngreave.

Maxine Bowler (TUSC) 443, Russell Cutts (Con) 198, Anwar Dirir (Ind) 65, Shane Harper (UKIP) 894, Talib Hussain (Lab) 3193, Barrie Jervis (Lib Dem) 149, Christopher Sissons (Green) 327.

1.04pm: Sheffield Council - Stannington, Liberal Democrat hold

Liberal Democrat David Baker holds his Stannington seat on Sheffield Council. Over at Doncaster, they’re still waiting. Adjudication of the wards is taking place, then we’re expecting a flurry of announcements.

Stannington: David Baker (Lib Dem) 2441, Martin Bradshaw (Green) 391, John Greenfield (UKIP) 1567, Ben Miskell (Lab) 1652, Jeremy Short (TUSC) 66.

1.03pm: Sheffield Council - Darnall, Labour hold

Labour’s Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for communities and inclusion holds his Darnall seat on Sheffield Council

Charlotte Arnott (UKIP) 1468, Anton Balint (Con) 481, Adrian Hawley (Green) 156, Mazher Iqbal (Lab) 2824, Phil King (TUSC) 108, Salim Zaman (Lib Dem) 770

1.02pm: Coun Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling & streetscene, retains his Arbourthorne seat on Sheffield Council and Tweets: “Thank you to the people of Arbourthorne ward for electing me. I will work hard for our community every day. I will not let you down.”

1.01pm: Sheffield Council – Hillsborough, Labour hold

Labour’s Josie Paszek wins Hillsborough

Wyllie Hume (TUSC) 113, John Kendall (UKIP) 1531, Chris McMahon (Green) 702, Josie Paszek (2231), Joe Warburton (Lib Dem) 615

1pm: Sheffield Council – Nether Edge, Labour gain from Liberal Democrats

Labour’s Nasima Akther takes Nether Edge from the Liberal Democrats

Nasima Akther (Lab) 2479, Anne Barr (Green) 1417, Marc Cooklin (Con) 360, Javid Khan (Lib Dem) 1411, Jeffrey Shaw (UKIP) 448, James Williams (TUSC) 113.

12.57pm: Sheffield Council - Labour’s Peter Rippon, Deputy Mayor of Sheffield, takes Shiregreen. Labour’s Cate McDonald wins Gleadless Valley and Liberal Democrat Steve Ayris wins Graves Park ward.

Sheffield Council - Shiregreen & Brightside, Labour hold

James Anderson (Con) 244, Douglas Johnson (Green) 242, Mark Price (UKIP) 1806, Peter Rippon (Lab) 2050, Jack Weston (Lib Dem) 123.

Sheffield Council - Gleadless Valley, Labour hold

Adrian Garbutt (Green) 1026, Jenny Grant (Con) 280, Martin Laurie (UKIP) 1176, Cate McDonald (Lab) 2190, Elizabeth Morton (TUSC) 229, Philip Shaddock (Lib Dem) 408.

Sheffield Council - Graves Park, Liberal Democrat hold

Steve Ayris (Lib Dem) 2014, Keith Endean (TUSC) 101, David Hayes (Green) 512, Bob Pemberton (Lab) 1685, Frank Woodger (Con) 355

12.52pm: Sheffield Council – Beauchief & Greenhill, Liberal Democrat gain from Labour

Liberal Democrats win Beauchief and Greenhill with Richard Shaw.

Trevor Grant (Con) 368, Paul Horada-Bradnum (Green) 354, Terry Murphy (TUSC) 78, Richard Shaw (Lib Dem) 1733, Clive Skelton (Labour) 1520, Derek Spence (UKIP) 1259

12.51pm: Sheffield Council - East Ecclesfield, UKIP gain from Labour

Second seat for UKIP on Sheffield Council as Pauline Andrews wins East Ecclesfield

Pauline Andrews (UKIP) 1838, Hillary Gay (Con) 341, Kaye Horsfield (Green) 284, Colin Taylor (Lib Dem) 960, Garry Weatherall (1647)

12.50pm: Sheffield Council - Arbourthorne, Labour hold

Labour’s Jack Scott, cabinet member for environment, recycling and street scene, retains Arbourthorne seat on Sheffield Council.

Jenny Barnard (Green) 289, Alan Munro (TUSC) 227, Susan Ross (Lib Dem) 212, Jack Scott (Lab) 1604, Bob Sheridan (UKIP) 1190, Peter Smith (Con) 327.

Flashback to a by-election in the ward in February with virtually the same candidates to see how far UKIP have come in three months...

Barnard (Green) 143, Mike Drabble (Lab) 1398, Munro (TUSC) 204, Ross (Lib Dem) 161, Sheridan (UKIP) 482, Smith (Con) 213, David Wildgoose (English Democrats) 75

12.49pm: Sheffield Council - Central, Green gain from Labour

Sheffield Council’s Central ward has its third Green councillor, as Sarah Jane Smalley takes the seat from Labour’s Mohammad Maroof.

Jack Carrington (Ind) 120, Dan Celardi (TUSC) 75, Mohammad Maroof (Lab) 2029, Sarah Jane Smalley (Green) 2552, Paul Wallace (Con) 286, Muhammad Zahur (Lib Dem) 182

12.45pm: Sheffield Council – Firth Park, Labour hold

Labour’s Alan Law holds Firth Park on Sheffield Council

Sam Bennett (TUSC) 67, Judith Burkinshaw (Con) 231, Alan Law (Lab) 2081, Amy Mack (Green) 248, Tomhas Mead (Lib Dem) 150, John Trow (UKIP) 1607

12.40pm: Sheffield Council - Southey, Labour hold

Labour’s Gill Furniss holds Southey on Sheffield Council

Matt Curtis (TUSC) 63, Dehenna Davison (Con), 236, Marcus Foster (Lib Dem) 139, Gill Furniss (Lab) 1657, Mike Simpson (UKIP) 1450, Eamonn Ward (Green) 183.

12.38pm: Sheffield Council - West Ecclesfield, UKIP gain from Liberal Democrat

UKIP wins first Sheffield Council seat, in West Ecclesfield

Kathryn Aston (Green) 281, John Booker (UKIP) 1929, Victoria Bowden (Lib Dem) 1054, David Ogle (Ind) 236, Zoe Sykes (Lab) 1656

12.37pm: The six results already mean Labour has maintained control of the council.

12.32pm: Louisa Dawn on Twitter about Sheffield election results so far: “UKIP making huge increase in number of votes but Labour holding on.”

Hibbert enthusiast on Twitter: “Clear local election story in Sheffield at the moment. Labour are holding their seats, but under much more pressure than 2012 – from UKIP.”

12.28pm: Sheffield Council - Woodhouse, Labour hold

Labour’s Ray Satur holds Woodhouse. Six holds out of six for Labour so far.

Leslie Abrahams (Lib Dem) 347, John Grant (Green) 385, Ray Satur (Lab) 1851, Lewis Sinclair (UKIP) 1638

12.20pm: Sheffield Council – Richmond, Labour hold

Paul Wood wins the seat previously held by Martin Lawton, who did not seek re-election

Angela Hill (Lib Dem) 189, Sam Morecroft (TUSC) 68, Richard Roper (Green) 204, Jean Simpson (UKIP) 1544, Andrew Sneddon (Con) 295, Paul Wood (Lab) 1885

12.14pm: Sheffield Council - Beighton, Labour hold

Labour’s Helen Mirfin-Boukouris holds Beighton ward on Sheffield Council.

Shirley Clayton (Con) 547, Margaret Gray (TUSC) 58, Sam Launder (UKIP) 1237, Richard Madden (Green) 180, Helen Mirfin-Boukouris (Lab) 1743, Allan Wisbey (Lib Dem) 156.

Helen will have to go through it all again on Sunday, as she is standing for the European parliament. However, as Labour’s fifth choice for the six seats, Labour would need a massive majority for her to get in – something which looks unlikely given UKIP’s strong showing. As an example at the last European elections in 2009, Labour won just one of the six Yorkshire and Humber seats - the others went to Conservatives (two), UKIP, BNP and the Liberal Democrats.

12.11pm: The Star reporter Darren Burke at the Doncaster count, via Twitter: “Turnout figures are in - highest turnout was in Torne Valley at 38%, lowest Stainforth and Moorends at 26%.”

12.08pm: For live updates from Doncaster, follow @darrenburkesyn on Twitter

12.07pm: Sheffield Council - Birley, Labour hold

Labour’s Karen McGowan’s holds Birley ward

Calum Heaton (Con) 257, Wendy Kenrick (Lib Dem) 309, Karen McGowan (Lab), 1944, Frank Plunkett (Green) 326, Dave Ross (TUSC) 49, Yvonne Sykes (UKIP), 1372

12.02pm: Sheffield Council - Mosborough, Labour hold

Labour’s Isobel Bowler, cabinet member for sport, culture and leisure, holds her Mosborough seat

Isobel Bowler (Lab) 1844, William Lockwood (Con) 492, Joanne Parkin (UKIP) 1414, Gail Smith (Lib Dem) 620, Julie White (Green) 205, Ian Whitehouse (TUSC) 52

11.57am: Barnsley Council results all in. Labour lose Old Town to Barnsley Independent Group, but gain Penistone West from Con. Rest are holds.

Stairfoot (Lab hold)

Paul Buckley (Con) 396, Brian Mathers (Lab) 1409, Frank Watson (Socialist Labour Party) 178.

Old Town (Barnsley Independent Group gain)

Liz Grundy (Barnsley Independent Group) 1,133, Penny Lofts (Lab) 1,053, Gill Millner (Con) 234, Estelle Mageean (TUSC) 134.

11.55am: Sheffield Council - Manor Castle, Labour hold

First Sheffield Council result in sees Labour’s Terry Fox hold his seat in Manor Castle.

Terry Fox (Lab), 2093, Jack McGill (Con) 288, Michael Shaw (Lib Dem) 189, Alistair Tice (TUSC) 356, Graham Wroe (Green) 580.

11.45am: Barnsley Council - Lab hold Dearne North, Hoyland Milton, Monk Bretton, North East

Dearne North

Dave Sim (Lab) 1179, Graham Swiffen (UKIP) 752, Gordon Wilkinson (Con) 103

Hoyland Milton

Brian Caton (TUSC) 149, Michael Davies (Barnsley Independent Group) 551, Robin Franklin (Lab) 1425, Freddy Ponce (ind) 206, Justin Saxton (English Democrats) 278, Lesley Watkinson (Con) 238

Monk Bretton

Garry Needham (Con) 512, Ken Richardson (Lab) 1676

North East

Eddie Devoy (Ind) 204, Dorothy Higginbottom (Lab) 1493, Jim Johnson (UKIP) 990, Nichola Richardson (Con) 183.

11.41am: The Star political reporter Ellen Beardmore says: “Sheffield’s Liberal Democrat party could have lost several seats – including that of its party leader. A source close to the council said it appeared the wards of Crookes, West Ecclesfield, Nether Edge and Stocksbridge had been lost by the party.”

11.39am: Liberal Democrat leader and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg says: “It’s never easy to see dedicated, hardworking Liberal Democrat councillors lose ground.” It comes after his party has already lost two councils and more than 100 seats in the local elections.

11.37am: The Star reporter Darren Burke at the Doncaster count, via Twitter: “Word is it could be tight in a couple of wards with UKIP looking to pounce #donnycouncil2014”

11.33am: For those wondering about the European elections and UKIP’s predicted strong showing - results will not be announced until after 10pm on Sunday, when polls across Europe have all closed (Italy votes on a Sunday, for example). Sheffield votes will be counted in the city, before being sent to Leeds, where the results for the Yorkshire and the Humber region will be collated and, after some clever maths using a complicated formula, the six elected MEPs will be announced.

11.31am: First Sheffield Council results now not expected until after noon - had been after 11.30am.

11.30am: Liberal Democrat leader and Sheffield Hallam MP Nick Clegg will not resign, despite his party’s poor showing so far in the local elections.

He said the Liberal Democrats are ‘still winning’ in their strongholds, but conceded his party had suffered at the hands of a UKIP surge, blaming a ‘very strong anti-politics feeling’ among the public.

He said: “Actually I think in the areas where we have MPs where we have good organisation on the ground, we are actually doing well.”

11.28am: Labour leader and Doncaster North MP Ed Miliband says his party is determined to attract UKIP’s new voters and go on to win the general election next year.

Speaking this morning, he said: “We saw some people turning to UKIP. I’m determined that over the next year we persuade them we can change their lives for the better.”

11.21am: Going well for Labour in Barnsley. Barnsley Council – Labour gain Penistone West from Conservative, Labour hold Royston and Rockingham

Penistone West

Andrew Millner (Con) 973, Joe Unsworth (Lab) 1015, Steve Webber (Ind) 635, David Wood (UKIP) 891


James Andrews (Lab) 1032, Andy Belk (UKIP) 829, Karen Fletcher (TUSC) 64, Peter Murray (Con) 194, Kevin Riddiough (English Democrats) 69, Steve Sylvester (Barnsley Independent Group) 652


Aiden Benoit (UKIP) 887, Tim Cheetham (Lab) 1134, Tom Dean (TUSC) 59, Edward Gouthwaite (Ind) 90, Anne Haynes (Con) 155.

11.20am: The Star political reporter Ellen Beardmore on Twitter: “Gossip at Sheffield election count is UKIP will win ‘about three seats’.”

11.18am: Barnsley Council – BIG hold Dodworth, Labour hold Dearne South


Andrew Barr (Con) 315, Jack Carr (Barnsley Independent Group) 997, Anisa Kola (UKIP) 717, Tony Wright (Lab) 796

Dearne South

May Noble (Lab) 1935, Lee Ogden (Con) 295

11.09am: Barnsley Council - Labour hold Darfield, Central, Darton East and Darton West, St Helens


Margaret Bruff (Lab) 1219, Dave Gibson (TUSC) 405, Colin Porter (English Democrats) 481, Stuart Wilkinson (Con) 265.


David Burnett (English Democrats) 633, Pauline Markham (Lab) 1305, Debbie Toon (Con) 373

Darton East

Anthony Mawson (Con) 491, Paul Robinson (English Democrats) 501, Harry Spence (Lab) 1432, Robert Teal (Lib Dem) 219

Darton West

Sharon Howard (Lab) 1377, Ian Sutton (English Democrats) 715, Clive Watkinson (Con) 566.

St Helens

Dave Leech (Lab) 1271, Dean Walker (English Democrats) 383, Jan Campbell (TUSC) 168, Delia Weldon (Con) 108.

11.05am: The Star reporter Darren Burke at the count in Doncaster, via Twitter: “All colours of the political spectrum are on show - the rosette shop has obviously done some brisk business #donnycouncil2014”

11.02am: Barnsley Council - Labour hold Worsbrough

John Clarke (Lab) 1014, Raymond Levitt (Barnsley Independent Group) 942, Jonathan Robinson (Con) 201, Terry Robinson (Socialist Labour Party) 105

10.59am: The first Doncaster results are expected sometime about 11am, with Sheffield’s shortly after. Sheffield expect to wrap up by about 3pm.

Meanwhile, a picture from one Sheffield polling station is going viral on Twitter. Do you know which station this is?

10.54am: Barnsley Council - Labour hold Kingstone and Cudworth

Cudworth (Lab hold)

Tony Devoy (Ind) 280, Ralph Dyson (TUSC) 169, Joe Hayward (Lab) 1582, George Hill (Con) 235.

Kingstone (Lab hold)

Tracey Holland (TUSC) 137, Christopher Houston (UKIP) 873, Kath Mitchell (Lab) 1011, Mike Toon (Con) 164.

10.53am: Star reader Comrade Door posts: “Let’s hope (Sheffield Council chief executive John) Mothersole has found some people in Sheffield who can count. (Labour’s council leader Coun) Julie Dore will be hoping he hasn’t.”

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10.50am: Full Rotherham Council results are now available on The Star’s website For the latest from Doncaster Council’s count, follow The Star reporter Darren Burke on Twitter @darrenburkesyn

Over in Barnsley, counting has started, with average turnout across the borough revealed as 29.6 per cent.

10.45am: UKIP Rotherham vice-chairman John Wilkinson tells The Star the party were hoping to win at least four seats - which they doubled.

He added:: “We’ve been working in Rotherham now for a considerable amount of time and each year improved our share of the vote.

“This year we’ve got a national campaign and the media critisicm all the time so people have reacted and shown it at the election.

“It is a wake up call to the main parties, they never pay any attention to the British public, they are in their Westminster bubble.”

“We were certainly anticipating something like this but we targeted four seats, which we won, and worked hard in other wards too.

“Next year we will put in another 21 candidates.”

10.30am: One person full of smiles this morning is UKIP leader Nigel Farage after his party’s strong showing across the country overnight.

He has insisted UKIP will be ‘serious players’ at next year’s general election after the party landed major blows on the Tories and Labour in local polls.

Mr Farage predicted his party could hoover up 200 extra council seats by the end of the day – and said European election results due Monday could be even better.

Pointing to significant wins in Essex and areas such as Rotherham, he suggested the ‘Ukip fox is in the Westminster hen house’.

He said: ““There are areas of the country where now we have got an imprint in local government,” he said. “Under the first-past-the-post system we are serious players.”

10.20am: The Star’s political reporter Ellen Beardmore is at EIS Sheffield in Attercliffe where votes are being counted – follow her live on Twitter at @e_beardmore – while deputy news editor Jon Ball is in the office in York Street rounding up results – tweet him @jon_ball33

10.10am: Of course, Sheffield is not the only council counting today - Doncaster and Barnsley votes are also being counted and we’ll bring you the news from them as we get it.

10am: The Conservative party, TUSC and UKIP are all aiming to secure seats on Sheffield Council, while a number of Independents are also bidding for positions.

The Labour-controlled council currently has 59 Labour members, 22 Liberal Democrats and two Green members, plus one vacancy following the resignation of Nikki Sharpe, Labour member for Walkley, in March.

Of the 29 seats available, across 28 wards, 18 are currently held by Labour and 10 by Liberal Democrats, plus the single vacancy.

What this means is, Labour need to lose 18 seats to lose their majority and the authority to move to No Overall Control.

9.45am: After UKIP’s impressive overnight performance in Rotherham, all eyes turn to Sheffield.

Counting begins at 10am, with the first results expected fairly quickly.