Labour leadership battle

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At the moment it looks like ‘leftie’ Jeremy Corbyn is way ahead in the fight for the Labour leadership.

Yvette Cooper, Ed Balls wife, is screaming all sorts of diatribe against Corbyn.

But we all know if she were to win, as with the other contestants, they would all dance to the same tune as the bankers and bosses, simply because they are all capitalists with a big C.

At least Corbyn tells us he isn’t doing celebrity, personality or abusive politics but he is giving hope.

I would suggest the Labour Party get back to doing just that and listen to the people, especially on the EU and immigration then just maybe they would have a chance against what Nye Bevan called the “lower than vermin” Tories.

To substantiate that fact ‘Posh’ Dave has already lied, again, ripping up at least nine major pre - election promises ranging from rail electrification to child tax credits through to housing all done within three months of the election and has kept a straight face, in public, while doing it.

Nye Bevan made his statement regarding “Tory vermin” in 1948, seems nothing’s changed.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74 9LY