Labour council has got its priorities wrong

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Mick Gethin makes some interesting points in his letter to the Star (July 4). He mentions the good work that the Chapeltown-In-Bloom group do and I agree.

After all, Chapeltown has suffered years of neglect due to Labour’s “favoured areas” policy.

It is interesting that the playground in the park and the refurbishment of the toilets were carried out while the Liberal Democrats were in control of the council.

Indeed, the money that paid for the roundabout, that Mick is so pleased about, became available under the Liberal Democrats and I remember (when I was a city councillor) being in discussion with the Northern Community Assembly about this.

Mick and I agree that we would like to see the toilets reopened in Chapeltown. However, let’s not forget it was our Labour councillors who voted to close them, in the same way that our libraries are under threat. Now they have decided to reduce the days that the recycling centre in High Green will be open by another day.

Yet they can afford to spend our money on consultants (£875,000 in March alone), full-time union officials (£475,000 per year), a Town Hall makeover (£2.2 million) and offices in Burngreave (£1.2 million), which have been left largely unused. It does indeed seem our Labour council has got its priorities wrong.

Colin Taylor

East Ecclesfield