Labour claims I’m too right wing are a joke, says Davies

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ELECTED mayor Peter Davies has hit back in a row over places on Doncaster Council’s ruling cabinet.

The council’s Labour group has refused to take up any places on Mr Davies cabinet, and last week the authority’s Conservative group said it was refusing to take up more than one place on his cabinet.

The Tories claimed they had cut back the number of seats they would agree to take - but Mr Davies insists he was already reducing their places on the cabinet, which makes important policy decisions.

The party had three cabinet places until last week, with Jonathan Wood, Cynthia Ransome and Patricia Schofield all members.

Coun Ransome is now the only Tory group member on the cabinet. Coun Schofield has remained in cabinet but been thrown out of the party group for accepting her place.

Mr Davies said: “I offered them two cabinet seats - they took one, and Patricia Schofield is still on the cabinet.

“I am where I wanted to be. They have not undermined any of my decisions, as I was removing the other one anyway, and I am delighted with the cabinet I have got.”

Labour leader Sandra Holland said Labour would not work with English Democrat Mr Davies because he was too right wing. She said his policies did not reflect Labour’s dominance on the council, with 43 of the council’s 63 seats.

Mr Davies said yesterday: “The upshot is, it seems to me, that the governance of Doncaster Council is no further on than before the Government came in.

“We have been working together for a year on budget and agreed so that all the parties voted for the budget.

“So to say they can’t work with me because I am too right wing is a joke. Coun Holland has been working with me for a year to get the budget through.

“I have been trying to be as inclusive as possible and to get people working together for the good of the town. For some it seems their political parties are more important than Doncaster.”