Labour are wasting money

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Labour tell us morning, noon and night there is no money, yet can magically find £400,000 for ‘propaganda on the rates’ to tell us they will empty our bins every fortnight instead of weekly.

What’s more, they failed to carry on the reduction of town hall fat cats that we began. Since May they’ve actually made eight new appointments of staff earning over £50,000.

There’s also not a penny saved from the full time union officials who are paid nearly £500,000, despite only performing union duties.

In the budget, there’s a return to the favoured areas policy with disproportionate cuts to Community Assembly budgets depending on where you live.

Labour are wasting money on communications campaigns, employing more highly-paid managers and allocating millions to pet projects such as Park Hill. Thank goodness the coalition ensured council tax bills remain frozen. However, I predict that if Labour do stay in power, we will be paying for it through unreasonably high council tax bills.

Coun Paul Scriven

Enforcement will benefit most

As a member of the Scrutiny Committee which considered the proposal to introduce mobile camera traffic restriction enforcement, I cannot let Lib Dem Coun Auckland’s comments (Feb 9) go unchallenged.

He lists three objections: they are unfair, there are legal pitfalls and there is no proof that they will work.

They will photo vehicles that have broken the law; there is a right of appeal. Motorists who park where they shouldn’t or use bus lanes illegally are the ones being unfair.

He refers to 18,000 tickets issued incorrectly by a London borough. This was because of an incorrect camera licence. He fails to mention that it was a Lib Dem council that made the mistake, nor that many other councils have introduced them without problems.

Councillor Auckland confuses direct and indirect causes: traffic restrictions ease congestion and improve safety. If they don’t, they shouldn’t exist. Enforcement ensures motorists respect restrictions and enables them to work. The majority of people will benefit from this improved enforcement.

Coun Geoff Smith