Keep writing

Have your say

I cannot bid a final farewell to The Star’s letters page without saying ‘thank you’ to all those correspondents who have taken the trouble to write kind comments about my letters.

I’d like to correct a few misunderstandings which seem to have arisen.

It appears that someone on the Sheffield Forum website it was reported by someone that I had died – hopefully I will be around for a few more years yet.

It also seems that some people have assumed I have stopped writing due to a few critical comments which I found most amusing, as after 45 years of writing and enjoying sparking debate and controversy, one develops a fairly thick skin to criticism.

Whilst taking all opinions on board one tends to disregard one or two correspondents who have a problem with anyone who disagrees with their views and lack the ability to get their point across without resorting to derogatory personal comments which, sadly, demeans the writer, destroys their credibility and diminishes them as a person.

The time had come for me to move on to other ventures and I am in fact writing more than ever, including a book which I started in the 1980s and really need to finish.

The many interesting views expressed on The Star’s letters page shows that correspondents’ pens continue to flow and the art of letter writing is flourishing.

To everyone, whatever your opinions, keep writing!

Susan Richardson

Lodge Moor, S10