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So the government has now told foreign nurses from outside the EU that they will all have to go back home after six years, if they do not earn £35,000 of more.

How odd, as these nurses will be earning a pretty decent wage, paying their taxes and probably not claiming much or nothing off the state. And yet the government wants to limit benefits for EU migrants, until they have worked here for five years.

I wonder if the work that a lot of the EU migrants do would generate the same income tax as a nurse?

Some skilled jobs maybe, but I really can’t see how a non-skilled migrant will be earning enough to be paying decent income tax, and also may possibly be topping up their wages with benefits.

I then wonder why a nurse from the EU, who probably earns the same as a nurse from outside the EU, is allowed to stay?

Some people will state that it is the EU freedom of movement that allows the other nurse to stay. I think it is nothing more than racial prejudice.

If they both earn the same, if there is a job to fill then they should both stay.

Another case I saw was a few years ago when a British National had married a woman from New Zealand, but was told that she could not live over here with him because he didn’t earn enough to support her, even though she had a good job ready and waiting here. And yet, unskilled migrants from the EU can come across in the hundreds every day, even with out a job to come to, and people think this is fine.

There is even a camp of Romanian migrants sleeping rough on some scrub land next to New Scotland Yard, saying there is no work here for them. Doesn’t that say everything? If there is no work for them here then they shouldn’t be here.

I often feel that we let in a lot of people who are not needed, and kick out those who are needed.

Matthew Hobson

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