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WHAT a party that was!

Tramlines Music Festival was so successful planning for next year’s event has already begun.

Early estimates indicate up to 150,000 people attended the festival over the weekend at sites from Kelham Island to Endcliffe Park.

So why is it such a success? Simple. The festival brings a buzz to the city centre which is great to be a part of.

It’s fantastic to see the place become a hive of activity, with people of all ages strolling around and clearly enjoying themselves.

If Tramlines can be extended to Hillsborough and Woodseats all the better. These suburbs would certainly benefit from the festival effect.

So let’s credit those people who worked so hard to make Tramlines happen – for little or no money.

And then let’s get those numbers of people back in the city centre for the other 51 weeks of the year.

This is a great city, let’s give people reasons to keep coming back here.

Is your livelihood worth the drink?

IT’S the same police crackdown on summer drink-driving and unfortunately the same message – that too many people are chancing their lives and that of others for the sake of a few drinks.

One in every 16 drivers stopped and breathalysed by police last month either failed the test or refused to give a sample.

And once again, the biggest increase in drink-drivers were those who were under the age of 25.

Some would argue the only answer to this is to have a zero drink-driving policy. But while the law allows motorists to drink the message should be a clear one.

If you choose to drink, then for the sake of everyone on the road, obey the law. Remember it is not just your life you are risking, it is also your livelihood. Surely that isn’t worth one for the road.

Stop the moaning

SHEFFIELD’S Olympic champion Seb Coe is absolutely right when he calls on the nation to stop moaning and start celebrating.

What is it with this country that we want to find fault with anything that is a force for good?

We are sick and tired of the stories of security cock-ups, opening ceremony changes and transport problems surrounding the Olympics.

Let’s start being proud of what will be one of the greatest events this country has ever staged.