Keep character of our village

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I HAVE been made aware that two multi-billion pound conglomerates (Vodafone and Telefonica) have requested, to place a 12.5m mast in the middle of a conservation area.

My reaction is one of absolute horror. It would be about 20 metres from our house and visible from house and gardens. But I have seen no posters and received no letters or flyers. Nor have our neighbours!

The very short (and hardly advertised) public consultation period was mainly over the half-term holiday, ensuring the least number of objections, as many would be on holiday!

I assume that they are just pretending to want to put it in such a ridiculous place, because they have somewhere slightly less ridiculous in mind, but want it to be seen as ‘not as bad’!

I guess that the directors of the aforementioned conglomerates don’t have 12.5m masts near their houses.

We don’t want an Angel of the North substitute. We want to retain the character of our village.

Mark Hewerdine, Vicarage Close, Grenoside