Keep best buildings and stop destroying Sheffield’s history

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I must take Julie Dore to task on her comments (On The Spot feature) on the much lamented Grade II listed Jessop Hospital. The building was NOT just a façade but a complete example both internally and externally of an important Edwardian building whose demolition was not, as she wrongly states necessary, but done to create just 5 per cent extra floor space. Unforgivable.

Disgracefully its fine features were not even salvaged by the council/university coalition. It all ended up as hardcore. So much for our so-called “green” city.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the plans are finalised for the New Retail Quarter. As Hammersons jilted Sheffield City Council after eight years of courtship let’s hope they don’t fall for the sweet talk of the next beau (developer) who comes along.

Hammersons were determined to destroy swathes of Pinstone St and Cambridge St, it would be madness to try and emulate their scheme. Stand at the end of St. Paul’s Parade and admire the Victorian vistas both to the left and to the right. The vista ends abruptly at Moorhead where it turns into a concrete jungle.

Sheffield now has a fantastic opportunity to create a niche shopping area with courtyards, arcades and alleyways housing small specialist shops. Creating vast shopping units will not necessarily attract big names. There is not the income nor the demand for ‘Posh’ in Sheffield. I hope plans to demolish the 1852 Grade II listed Bethel School on Cambridge St don’t go ahead. The fatuous “façade only” argument cannot be used, because it’s plain to see that it is a structurally sound building. To demolish TWO Grade II listed buildings would send out the wrong message to the world and confirm our “ philistine” reputation.

Howard Greaves

Vice Chairman, Hallamshire Historic Buildings Society