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JW Vintin, (Letters, October 23), has got himself about in the last 30 years doing whatever, as he/she has not stated, in social housing, from Glasgow to London.

Putting a typical Tory view of benefit claimants laid on the settee eating pizza, playing their Xbox on a 64-inch TV, (what’s an Xbox?).

Benefit claimants are rife around here where I live and none do what his/her letter claim, surviving on meagre benefits which wouldn’t be spent on expensive games on a 64-inch TV, which they couldn’t afford.

The Tories, JW Vintin, are hammering benefit claimants as they are a vindictive party, who create more benefit claimants and always have, as now of industry, again being hammered.

The only culture the Tories have always stamped out are workers and are doing successfully again, creating benefit claimants and hammering the low paid to look after the rich.

G Ellison

Hawthorne Avenue, S18