Just the ticket for passengers

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WE all know the saying that you can wait all day for a bus and then all of a sudden three come at the same time.

Well, soon, that won’t matter because under a new partnership between our two main operators First and Stagecoach you will be able to board any bus no matter which you have a ticket for.

Initially, the service will be limited to a number of routes, but the intention is that it will become city wide.

It is a great initiative not only for the existing bus passenger but also to try to persuade more people to try public transport, so working towards cutting pollution.

The benefit will be that there will be a more frequent service with more availability.

Obviously, there will be some element of confusion and some routes will have to change, but those have to be short-term disadvantages to something that will benefit the city and bus passengers generally.

The only shame is that the system has not been extended to the tram network.

We urge the companies to get together so we can have a truly joined-up public transport system.

Bringing you the really local news

WELCOME to the first of our new-look neighbourhood news pages.

Today, The Star introduces the first of a series of new initiatives to ensure we continue to bring you the news that is important to you.

Our readers have told us that while they love the news service we bring them every day, covering Sheffield, the major towns surrounding it and the broader region of South Yorkshire, they also want to read about the really local news in their neighbourhoods.

As the start of this initiative, every Tuesday we will be featuring news from four geographical areas, starting with Hillsborough.

Our reporters will be out in your communities searching out the news, talking to people about local issues important to them and asking residents their views on a specific subject.

The Star has a great reputation as being part of the community and this new page further enhances our role within it.

100 years young

HAPPY birthday to Gwen Gleadall, a remarkable woman who is 100 years old.

She survived the bombing of the Marples Hotel in World War II, flew around Sheffield in 1925 with a renowned aviator, worked as a teacher and nursed her sick parents.

As if that wasn’t enough, Gwen has taken up using Facebook, so she can keep in touch with her family.

It proves you’re never too old to learn and is yet another string to the bow of this splendid centenarian.