Just a load of waffle

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I recently wrote to South Yorkshire Transport in connection with paper timetables, (or lack of), suggesting that maybe the timetables could be printed and sold to the public for a small charge, say 10p/15p, even 50p.

I said in the letter that I had no access to the internet and when I rang Traveline the other day a voice on the end of the phone said I was 17th in the queue.

I ask you, who could sit hanging on for two hours?

A week ago, or so, later I received a reply telling me what I already know, about the internet and Traveline.

There was nothing in the reply about my suggestion and no comment re my Traveline experiences.

A complete waste of time and effort.

Can anyone tell me how to get through to someone so that they actually get answers to questions and suggestions and not just a load of waffle?

D Lowe