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Nothing is more precious to people than their and their family’s health.

So it is understandable that people err on the side of caution if there is an illness or injury that is causing a concern.

However, a bit of common sense is needed before racing off to the Accident and Emergency unit or dialling 999.

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The A&E option should be a last resort only if someone is in a serious condition. A medical complaint is one for your GP rather than the hospital.

Research has found that 18 per cent of people from the city had chosen to go to hospital with a medical complaint, instead of getting an appointment at their surgery.

But, there’s always a but, nearly half of city patients quizzed for the study said it is ‘difficult’ or ‘almost impossible’ to get an appointment at their local practice.

It’s little wonder that, if this is the case, people prefer to play safe and visit hospital before their condition deteriorates.

We know resources are stretched, particularly at this time of the year, so please think carefully about where best is to get treatment. However, more must be done to make it easier to see your local GP in a timely manner to prevent A&E being used too frequently.