Judge’s advice to men in town centre fracas

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THREE men involved in a drunken fracas in Doncaster town centre walked free from court - but were told by a judge to “start leading decent lives”.

One of them, 40-year-old Sean Briddock, had been eating some chips when he decided to become involved in a dispute that had nothing to do with him, Doncaster Crown Court was told.

Briddock, of Colchester Court, Scawsby, was said to have been “filling himself with drink” before the incident in Lazarus Court in the early hours of May 14.

He was sentenced to a nine month prison term, suspended for two years, with 250 hours of unpaid work to complete.

The other pair - Jay Madin, 19, of Bernard Road, Edlington, and Christopher Peat, 20, of Common Lane, Clifton - also received nine months’ custody, suspended for two years. Peat must complete 250 hours of unpaid work, but Madin only 175 hours because he has a job and can pay £750 compensation to the victims. All three pleaded guilty to affray.

Prosecutor Carl Fitch said Peat and Madin were bare chested and play fighting when they fell at the feet of two other men who made comments about their behaviour.

Peat and Madin retaliated by kicking and punching them and then Briddock, who was standing nearby with his chips, decided to join in and held one of the victims to the ground. Fortunately there were no serious injuries.

The judge, Recorder Henry Prosser, said all three of them were full of drink when they aimed punches and kicks at defenceless men.

“Who did precisely what is very difficult to determine. Peat and Madin were in it from the beginning and behaved quite appallingly. For Briddock to get involved seems to me inexcusable,” he said.

He added he hoped the case had “brought him to his senses” and it was time he grew up.

He told all three defendants: “Go back to your families and start leading decent lives.”