Judge gives teenage biker a last chance

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SHIREGREEN residents have had their say on whether anti-social behaviour is a blight on Concord Park - with one local telling The Star that youths ‘run riot’ on motorbikes in the area.

Linda Palmer, aged 65, of Sicey Avenue, said: “They just ride round all over, they go very fast. It’s wrong but I don’t see what they can do to stop people riding the bikes. They run riot.”

Linda, who goes to the park twice a day to walk her dogs, said: “Youngsters crowd around the picnic tables too and there used to be problems where the tennis courts are now, but they’ve opened that area up a lot.”

Cleaner Patricia MacKenzie, 69, of Sicey Avenue, said: “It wants stopping. The motorbikes frighten people but nobody says anything to the people riding them.

“This is what’s the matter with this country, people are frightened to say what they think. It’s a park, for children to play in and people to come for walks with their dogs.”

Mum Kelly Wasicki, 19, said a dedicated area should be set aside for the bikes.

“When I was younger we used to come on motorbikes and ride around down at the bottom of the park,” said Kelly, in the playground with her one-year-old son Joshua.

“They should have a special place where you can go on bikes so it doesn’t cause trouble to other people.

“You used to see a lot of anti-social behaviour but there’s been a bit of a crime crack-down. You would see youths drinking and things like that, but you get that no matter where you go.”

And Shadeen Staniland, 22, of Sicey Avenue, who’d brought her three-year-old son Shay and daughter Sienna, two, to Concord Park, said: “If I was out walking with the kids I wouldn’t like someone riding a motorbike around. Concord Park is nicer now. It used to be dirty, it’s changed a lot.

“I don’t really think there’s a lot of anti-social behaviour any more.

“It’s generally schoolkids drinking sat on the benches. Apart from that I don’t think it’s that bad.”