John Lewis refunds cost of broken TV

Jonathan Frost with the damaged TV bought at John Lewis
Jonathan Frost with the damaged TV bought at John Lewis
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When Jonathan Frost and wife Nicola bought a new television in October, they thought they had got themselves a bargain.

They purchased the 40-inch Sony Bravia television from John Lewis’ website for £349.95, which included a five-year guarantee.

The television was stored in a relative’s spare room until Mr Frost opened in on his birthday on December 23.

Mr Frost, of Greystones Road, Greystones, Sheffield, said: “We plugged it in and there was a big crack on the screen.

“No-one had been near the television where it was stored in the box in a spare room.

“Infact my mother-in-law went on holiday for a few weeks, so there wasn’t even anyone in the house for some time.

“The only items near it were some towels, so it must has to have been damaged before we got it.

“We got in touch with John Lewis and explained to them what had happened.

“They told us to get in touch with Sony, who wanted to charge us for the repair.

“I did sympathise with John Lewis, but to have a television delivered from a established name, with a five-year guarantee, broken, wasn’t our fault.

“We were left with a new television we couldn’t use.”

In the meantime Mr Frost bought a replacement television.

He added: “We scrimped and saved to buy the same television again from John Lewis, using some of my birthday money and our wedding money.

“We’ve got the new television now, but are still left with the old one.”


Within a couple of days of The Star’s Action Desk getting involved in the matter, Mr Frost had received a refund from John Lewis, which he was delighted with.

A John Lewis spokesman said: “Our customer service team got in touch with Mr Frost and have refunded him £349.95 – the original cost of the TV – which he is happy with.”

Mr Frost said: “Thank you for your help - I can’t believe how quickly it was all sorted.”