JO DAVISON: Does wayward prince need a little guidance?

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What the hell is Prince Andrew doing?

Following suit, I’d say... Assuming scandalous stories gaining him more coverage than the new B2B are true.

His Royal ancestors consorted for centuries with prostitutes, folk who had got filthy-rich the wrong way, beauties whose connections were certainly not in line with the British government’s.

Presumably they were far more entertaining and liberated than the prim and brought up-proper people that kings, princes and sundry dukes and earls were supposed to knock around with.

And, being aristocracy, they felt they could do what the hell they liked with who the hell they liked.

All of the above (only, for prostitute, read “masseur”) have now been linked to the Queen’s middle son .

And, so predictably, his free-loading ex, Fergie is now in the murky mix, too.

If it’s all true, such relationships were probably forged for much the same reasons his forefathers sought out similarly risque company.

But finally, someone seems to be doing something about it.

At the grand old age of 51, the Duke has been summoned to the Palace by his 84-year-old mater.

The Boss has apparently stepped into the fray because she is concerned at the allegations of his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, the billionaire financier with a conviction for soliciting prostitution from under-age girls, and accusations of inappropriate links to Libya.

It’s about time someone reigned him in.

Only, shouldn’t it be David Cameron coming down like a ton of bricks on his special representative with UK Trade and Investment?

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