Jilted lover ‘lost it’ and stabbed victim 44 times

Colin Campbell
Colin Campbell
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A SHEFFIELD man who “lost it” when his girlfriend broke off their relationship has been jailed for life for her murder following a frenzied knife attack.

Colin Owen Campbell stabbed pretty 23-year-old Weronika Gospodarczyk 44 times and didn’t even stop his brutal attack when his blade got stuck in her body - he just got a second knife and resumed his ferocious stabbing.

Weronika Gospodarczyk

Weronika Gospodarczyk

Campbell, aged 29, of Clinton Walk, Broomhall, killed the Hallam University student, who was originally from Poland, at her house on Seabrook Road, Norfolk Park, when their “tumultuous” relationship came to an end.

Terrified neighbours and housemates heard Weronicka’s screams and when police arrived they found her body in a pool of blood. She had been stabbed 30 times in her neck, face and chest and had 14 other knife wounds over her body.

Campbell, who pleaded guilty to murder at Sheffield Crown Court and was ordered to serve a minimum of 15 years behind bars, told detectives he lost control when Weronika tried to read a text message she had received just moments after telling him their relationship was over in September last year.

He grabbed her phone, punched her in the face and their argument spilled out into the kitchen of her shared house, where he grabbed a knife from a drawer and cut his own face.

The court heard Campbell had a habit of harming himself when he and Weronika argued and the pair had tended to reconcile because she felt sympathy for him.

But on the fateful night Weronika told him their relationship was definitely over - and he “lost it”.

He told detectives: “She said ‘it’s really over’. I just started stabbing her. And then the knife got stuck in her hand. I got another knife and I kept stabbing more. I just lost it.”

The court heard when police arrived at the murder scene Campbell was “sad, depressed, crying and talking to himself”.

Fiona Swain, prosecuting, said: “He kept saying ‘I’m sorry’. He had blood on his hands, jeans and feet.

“A police officer asked where she was and he said, ‘She said she was going to leave me’.”

One of Weronika’s housemates had dialled 999 when he heard the sound of “shouting and stamping on the floor” and went to investigate.

He saw Weronika and her partner outside her room and told police she and boyfriend were both crying.

Weronika, who was studying for a tourism management degree, was pleading for help and asking for the police to be called.

The house mate was so scared he dialled 999 and locked himself in his room.

Another tenant in the shared house also heard “a loud, shrill, high-pitched scream”.

Ms Swain, prosecuting, said when the tenant went downstairs and looked in the kitchen he could see Campbell “laying into” Weronika.

She said: “He seemed to have a one-track-mind, he seemed very very focused on what he was doing - angry, like nothing else mattered, like he meant business.”

Adrian Waterhouse QC, representing Campbell, said the killer was “mystified” about his actions which had “snuffed out such a promising and hopeful life”.

He said although the killer had a number of relationships with other woman while he was seeing Weronika she was “different” and he idolised her.

“She was intelligent, beautiful, vivacious and fun loving - with her he could not believe he had a meaningful relationship,” he added.

“She was in a different league from anyone he had ever met.”

The defence barrister said the fatal attack was “the product of a rather immature, pathetic and needy man” and that he had felt “desperation”.

Jailing him for life, Judge Mrs Justice Rafferty said: “This was an attack, founded in resentment and jealousy, on a young woman who you sought to possess.

“Weronika Gospodarczyk had made clear to you more than once before her death that any relationship with you was at an end. You persevered in an effort to dissuade her but she maintained her distaste.”

She said he snapped through a mix of “resentment, self pity and mounting fury”.