Jess’s coach Toni is an inspiration

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I hope that Jessica Ennis’s coach Sheffield-born Toni Minichiello gets the recognition he deserves after her stunning gold medal win.

We spent two years on a BTEC Leisure Studies course at Stannington college in the late ’80s.

At the end, the course leader told him that he would never do anything with his life – words which would have destroyed many people, but not Toni.

His first love was always athletics and when he wasn’t studying he was training.

While he went on to do a law degree he never gave up the athletics.

He is the talented and dedicated coach behind Jess’s Olympic gold medal, with a personal story as inspiring as her own.

Well done Toni, you deserve all the praise that can be heaped upon you by the people of Sheffield and beyond.

Bridget Ingle

What a fantastic performance by Jessica Ennis and Team GB. I’m not a sport lover but the dedication that these young athletes put into their chosen discipline is nothing short of miraculous, the swimmers getting up at 4am to practise for hours, its the same with all the team practising and training all the hours they can.

What an inspiration to the young people. The rowers, the cyclists, all the medal winners.

Then you look at the so- called professional footballers, money-grabbing, petulant, mardy people, they complain if they have to play two matches per week. I’m sick of hearing when these millionaire players have a bad game and the manager states: “He’s a bit tired.”

Their working week does not cover 24 hours a week.

I know its a physical game but it was not uncommon for me to work over 50 hours a week and if I didn’t do my job properly because I was tired I would have been down the road.

Well done Team GB especially Jessica Ennis.

I think the signpost outside Sheffield should read Welcome To Sheffield Home of Jessica Ennis.

Vin Malone, SI4